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Dolmen Grove Camps are NOT music festivals and although there may be entertainment provided there is a 10pm Curfew for amplified music and a Drumming curfew of 11pm. Please note - There is not a Beer Tent DG Gatherings are for the families of the Dolmen Grove and interested guests only Tickets must be purchased before the event. Campers can arrive from 10am Friday 28th and must vacate the field at the stated time. If you are a fully paid up registered member of the Dolmen Grove, please remember to give your membership number when ordering your ticket. TICKETS include weekend camping, access to talks, workshops, meditations & various forms of entertainment provided at the Gathering.

TICKET PRICE. All Dolmen Grove events are family orientated but we do ask that children are supervised by their parents.

DOGS All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and Dog owners are responsible for clearing up after their Dogs. For the safety of other campers, dogs that have a tendency to get over excited or a history of snappy behaviour towards people or other dogs MUST be Muzzled when around the vicinity of the Festival Fire, Drum Processions and other crowded areas. This is as much for the protection of the dog as it is for other campers.

VEHICLES Vehicle parking is separate to the camping field, there is a close drop off area at the gate of the field. Please drive carefully as there are children about.

DISABLED PARKING An area is reserved for disabled badge holders to camp next to their car separate to the main event field, in order to book a space for this please let us know when purchasing your ticket.

CARAVANS If you have a Caravan please notify us so a space can be reserved for you as failure to do so may cause complications as we have limited caravan spaces.

TRADERS will be in a separate area to the camping field unless the trader does not need to be next to their vehicle in which case they can trade from the camping field. Further information is available on request.

Tribal Dreams, is a FAMILY gathering of spiritually minded individuals of Pagan and Heathen orientation. We naturally expect as a Clan, that respect and consideration is shown for each other and if at any time a problem or concerns may arise please contact immediately, one of the volunteer Stewards or talk directly to Taloch or Diane Narraway. Our camps are spiritual and fun, due to the peaceful nature of the Clan Members within the Dolmen Grove. We expect any person purchasing Guest Tickets to demonstrate a peaceful nature and respect fellow campers. Facilities. In order to keep the cost of the Tickets low we do not provide Showers although we do provide a Fresh Water standpipe and Portaloos (including one for those with disabilities) There will be a Food Van on Site from Friday afternoon. IMPORTANT Membership Numbers MUST be quoted in a message on paypal purchase. The Dolmen Grove Spiritual Events are organised by a Roundtable, consisting of members from various paths who offer their time and services voluntarily. The Dolmen Grove express gratitude and thanks to all who contribute in a united effort to make each spiritual gathering our best. The Dolmen Grove are a Non-profit Making Organisation. If you are a Trader please contact Diane Narraway by email dolmengrove@dolmengrove.co.uk For special Trade Rates Thank you

We accept No responsibility for the property of others whether lost or stolen or damage caused by fire, or damage to personal or non-personal equipment, tents, cars or personal belongings of any kind.You are advised to take out sufficient Insurance to cover your goods and equipment for Loss, Damage, Fire and Theft, to remove goods overnight where possible, and to ensure your stall is properly secured at night. Any damage caused to property or person by equipment including tents and gazebos will be the sole responsibility of the owner. Because of the unpredictability of weather, or cancellations that may occur by performers we reserve the right to make changes to the advertised programme of events and anything else advertised for the Beltane Spirit of Rebirth festival, now or in the future without prior notice to ticket buyers. Tickets are Non-refundable due to the limited number available. We reserve the right to remove from the Beltane Gathering any person or persons responsible for anti -social behaviour that may cause discomfort or prove to be a nuisance to other people during the spiritual gathering. In order to show respect for others loud music from car or personal stereos is not allowed. Children must NOT be photographed without the expressed permission of their parents/guardians.

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